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Melting holding furnace



FFV2A is a vertical melting/holding furnace with a tank capacity of 2000Kg of molten aluminium and meltingcapacity of 300-
500Kg/hour. This furnace is a result of experience gained in the production of vertical melting furnaces and, with its small size, it is integrated in the island of production, ensuring efficiency, practicality and safety. The sophisticated study of the distribution of heat allows to obtain beneficial results in the metallurgical field, assuring productions of high quality to the world of die-casting and the one of gravity.
As equipment, can be proposed solutions for the continuous metallurgical treatment with permanent porous baffles, in the sole, or movable. Hydraulic automatic charger works with various programs, from the simple one "timed" to the most sophisticated, through the processing of flue gas temperature and allows to adapt methods of charging to the specific needs.
A wide hydraulic opening door allows easy cleaning of the dry hearth and tank through light and maneuverable tools.
Tank capacity Kg 2000
Hourly production Kg/h 300-500
Burners installed No. 2
Max thermal power Kw 425 - Kcal/h 400.000
Specific consumption (according to the charge) m³/TON 55-70
Decrease of melting (according to the charge) % 0.8-5
Holding consumption m³/h 3
Electrical supply 400V/50Hz/5Kw
Combustible gas: natural gas (pressure 0.2-0.5 bar) or GPL, on request
Dimensions and strokes: see drawing
Melting holding furnace
Melting holding furnace
Melting holding furnace


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