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Holding Furnace



Holding basin furnace with gas combustion for Al alloys. The wide sump ensures removals with scoops with capacity of up to 30 Kg. Possibility to install two porous plugs in the sole, managed by the control electonics of the furnace. This solution guarantees amazing metallurgical quality, both as regards content of oxides that hydrogen.
Capacity 2000 Kg molten aluminium
Max bath temperature 800 °C
Max refractory temperature 1000 °C
Combustible gas Natural gas - Gpl on demand
Number of burners 1
Burner type flat flame - max rating 160.000 KCal/h
Installed power management from 0 to 100% with limit of maximum
Power supply Three-phase , 400 V / 50 Hz / 3Kw
Auxiliary services 110 V C.A. (Left out starting UV probes, working at 200 V A.C.)
Gas pressure feeding  from 100 mbar to 500 mbar
Holding consumption 3 Nm3/h
Weight 7500 Kg
Continued and automatic control of molten aluminium temperature, by thermoregulator with thermocouple in the bath
Thermo-limit of refractory temperature by thermoregulator non visualized and thermocouple in the wall


Holding Furnace
Holding Furnace


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