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Tilting Melting stalk furnace



Melting stalk furnace, dry hearth, tilting in axes on the exit neck, to transfer the liquid Al alloys. It is characterized by a very high efficiency, reduced dimensions and does not require special transport. Automatic loader managed by software.
Tank capacity 1000 Kg of molten aluminium
Melting capacity 500 - 700 Kg / h
Bath max temperature  800 °C
Refractory max temperature  1000 °C
Combustible gas Natural Gas - GPL on request
Number of burners 2
Max rating 400.000 KCal/h
Max consumption ~50 m3 / hour
Specific consumption 70 m3 / Ton
Installed power management From 0 to 100% with limit of maximum
Power supply Three-phase, 380 V / 50 Hz
Max electric power 10 Kw
Metal temperature adjusted continuously by the submerged thermocouple
Limitation of max reachable temperature value in the melting furnace, by thermocouple in the refractory furnace walls
Automatic charging sequence and proceeding, supervisor by the exit fume temperature
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Temperatura max --DEMO--
Tilting Melting stalk furnace
Tilting Melting stalk furnace


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