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Melting furnace



It is a furnace with a dry sole used to melt aluminium and its alloys. Inside it is divided in two chambers: one to melt and the other to keep and hold molten metal at tapping temperature. In the melting chamber, necessary heat is given by two methane burners placed on the vault, that produce two short tapered flames, that are the best compromise between melting efficiency and metallurgic fineness. In the holding chamber, necessary heat is given by a methane burner placed on the vault, that produces a flat flame, that touches the roof and the walls. By thermal radiation, heat reaches molten bath, keeping it at the right temperature.
The ingots charging in the melting chamber is effected by an opening made in melting chamber, 
equipped with door with a mechanic-hydraulic movement and pneumatic closing; separately a charging unit, suitably studied, is furnishable, that puts the ingots on the sole of melting chamber. The picking of molten metal from holding chamber is made from the right tapping spout by furnace balancing. The tapping spout is separated from heating chamber by a siphon, that allows to stop drosses in the heating zone, keeping clean the metal, that is spilled in the ladle. It is also present another manual door in the holding chamber for refractory cleaning.
Tecnical Characteristics
Furnace capacity 2500 Kg molten aluminium
Melting capacity ~800 Kg / h.
Bath max temperature 800 °C
Refractory max temperature 1000 °C
Combustible gas Natural gas
Number of burners 3
Burners' melting chamber tapered flame (n.2) max rating 700.000 KCal/h
Burners' holding chamber flat flame (n.1) max rating 220.000 KCal/h
Max rating 300.000 KCal/h
Max consumption 35 m3/hour (Natural Gas)
Installed power management From 0 to 100% with limit of maximum
Power supply Three-phase, 380 V/50 Hz
Auxiliary services 24 V C.C./A.C.  (Left out starting trasformers and UV probes, working at 220 V A.C.)
Gas pressure feeding from 0.3 to 1 bar
Max consumption 110 Nm3/h
Weight 40.000 Kg
Melting loss: depending on kind of charge; standard conditions (30% casting, 70% ingots), values between 1.5
and 2.2% max.
Melting furnace


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