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Melting Basin Furnace for Al alloys

FB2000 - FB3000


Melting gas furnace, capacity 2.000 kg do melt Al alloys. It combines the advantages of traditional architecture to build the basin furnace, with the most advanced technology and systems management and control of onboard systems. The furnace provides a simplified melting process compared to other architectures construction, which can be summed up in simplicity and ease of handling, even by not particularly skilled workers. The advance management of the combustion plant is based on automatic and continuous adjustment of the temperature of the liquid aluminium integrate with the submerged thermocouple in the liquid bath, that ensures high yield, during he melting ad the holding phases, maintaining stable around on the set temperature point of the melt Al alloys.
The exit neck instead of tilting axis, assures maximum precision in the operation of the transfer of the liquid metal from the furnace. Both hydraulic cylinders how lifting and tilt the furnace, and opening the door, have locking valves to prevent falls in the event of breakage of hydraulic circuit hoses.
Tank capacity 2000 Kg molten aluminium
Melting capacity ~300 Kg / h.
Bath max temperature 800 °C
Refractory max temperature 1000 °C
Combustible gas Natural gas - Gpl on request - Press. min. 100 mbar
Number of burners 1
Max rating 300.000 KCal/h
Max consumption 35 m3/hour (Natural Gas)
Specific consumption ~300 m3/Ton (Natural Gas)
Installed power management From 0 to 100% with limit of maximum
Power supply Three-phase, 400 V/50 Hz
Auxiliary services 24 V C.C./C.A. - 110 V C.A. (Left out starting trasformrs and UV probes, working at 220 v
Continued and automatic control of molten aluminium temperature, by thermoregulator with thermocouple in the bath
Thermo-limit of refractory temperature by thermoregulator not visualized and thermocouple in the wall
Melting Basin Furnace for Al alloys
Melting Basin Furnace for Al alloys
Melting Basin Furnace for Al alloys
Melting Basin Furnace for Al alloys


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