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Electric Heated tilting transfer ladle



Electrically heated crucible transfer ladle, from the transport of the liquid aluminium alloys from the melting furnace to the holding furnace of the gravity die casting machine, low pressure die casting machine, high pressure die casting machine or directly use for casting production in the sand casting cast shop.

Many advantages are achievable:
  • complete freedom to perform all required metallurgical treatments on the liquid Al alloys, as grain refining, modification, oxide removal, degassing etc, in the necessary timing, without concerns liquid aluminium alloys freezing, and very important, operations done at the lowest metal temperature for the Al alloy to treat, 
reduced oxide formation, H2 pick up and all other drawbacks due for the higher temperature. These are key points, for the high premium sand casting production;
  • casting operation free of turbulences, due to the crucible neck profile, casting friendly positioning obtainable by the strict axis bal out rotating operation;
  • the casting metal temperature of the Al alloys is super controlled in a restrict “range”;
  • the optimal casting parameters are reproducible constantly;
  • the insulated lid avoid freezing, protect the liquid metal and ensure better security for the employers during the ladle translation;
  • electric connectors friendly use.
Metallic housing
Calendared sheet metallic frame, reinforced with rolled sheets and ribbed support. Tilting true a gear manual wheel reduced box; the centraòl position on the axing of the tilting device, guarantee a precise and accurate metal flow rate.

The annular internal heating resistance shows an higher yield, due to the maximum available free heat surface, without refractory concrete on it. This solution, combined with the best materials available, ensuring maximum longevity to the heating.

Insulating-Refractory lining
The multilayer internal lining, guarantees the lowest external surface temperature of the frame, with the highest mechanical resistance on the internal anular electric resistance elements; are combined high insulation layer plus alumina pre sgape pieces.

Electric main cabinet control 
The electric power is controlled by two thermocouples, one immersed into the liquid metal, and the second one into the heating chamber. Power units for electric heating is static.

Energy power connection 400 V/50 Hz
Max power required 30 KW
Empty weight 2300 Kg
Liquid Al alloy capacity 350 Kg

Electric Heated tilting transfer ladle
Electric Heated tilting transfer ladle
Electric Heated tilting transfer ladle
Electric Heated tilting transfer ladle


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