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Mobile wheeled degassing pant



This machine was created for the foundries that have the need to remove dissolved gases and other impurities by a classic degassing with inert gas. Unlike other movable degassers which are always constrained to the use of forklifts or cranes, this machine is totally independent. The movement of lifting/lowering of the lance is automatic, and the front wheels in cast iron and the projecting rear one guarantee a high fluidity and agility that allow its use even in small spaces. The machine is built for heavy use in the foundry: in addition to the electrical system, also the pneumatic one is enclosed inside a special tight metal cabinet, in order to preserve as possible the components from the aggressive environment of the foundry. The characteristic 
parameters of the degassing cycle, such as gas flow rate, time and speed of rotation of the lance, are easily adjustable. Once these parameters have been adapted to the production cycle, simply press the start cycle button to begin the treatment, without further operator intervention.
Weight 500 Kg
Lance rotation speed rpm 60-460
Supply voltage V 220/50 Hz
Current A 5

Dimensions and strokes

You can vary plus or minus 150 mm the vertical positions of the lance (dimensions 148 and 2317) by
fixing the lance holder arm to the carriage in the positions "high" or "low"; the drawing shows the
dimensions when the arm is fixed in intermediate position.
The represented lance has a total length (lance + diffuser) of 700 mm.

Mobile wheeled degassing pant
Mobile wheeled degassing pant


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