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Degassing plant



This plant is born for foundries, that have not the necessity of modifying alloy, but have to eliminate dissolved gases and other impurities. The plant uses a disperser (lance and right rotor) that rotating at high speed, injects, in homogenous way, inert gas in the molten alloy. The high rating of removing pollutants and not desiderated particles as gas H2 dissolved, intermetallic segregations, mixed oxides of Al2O3, SiO2, SiC, comes from the minimal dimensions of used gas bubbles. The plant engineering, with which degasser D1 is equipped, allows to carry out automatically the treatment, in programmable and reproducible way.

Constructive particulars

The plant is realized for heavy use in foundry: both of electric and pneumatic plants are closed in a dedicated hermetical and metallic cupboard, to preserve components from aggressive environment present in foundry, in the best way, above the ladle. All the flexible tubes used in the plant are provided with inox steel to avoid being damaged by some spots of molten metal. Also the mechanic part is closed inside a carter for safety and for protecting from external elements. All the mechanic parts are zinced for further protection against corrosion. All the inferior part of plant is full by 100 mm of insulator, to isolate mechanic and engineering parts from heat, it realizes a half closing when the plant is set down on ladle or furnace.


For every kind of aluminium alloys and others. Treatment capacity: ladles or furnaces till 3000 kg capacity.
Thecnical characteristics
Weight for transport 260 Kg
Dimensions 1010 x 1000 x 675
Necessary service lines Voltage 220 V - 50 Hz
Inert gas - pressure min. 4 bar
Speed rotation range: from 200 to 400 rpm, by potentiometer in console
Progressive starting and stopping rotation, with programmed steps on inverter: starting rotation in 5 seconds, stopping rotation in 10 seconds

Degassing plant
Degassing plant
Degassing plant
Degassing plant


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