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In-line degasser



In-line degasser, high capacity, for the continuous refining of liquid metal in transit on the line. It's located between the casting furnace and the CC or DC casting unit. The unit has 4 separate zone, N. 2 degassing chambers and N. 2 heating chambers. The degassing operation is achieved by micro inert gas bubbles homogeneous introduced into the metal bath by a rotating lances with its proper rotor in the bottom. The high efficiency on heterogeneous inclusions removal , like Al2O3 compounds, skin, SiO2 compounds, carbides, and dissolved contaminant gas removal, like H2 ( in generally term, refining treatment) is directly proportional to the finest inert gas bubbles. The submerged heating element is placed in the heating chambers; the advantage is to 
keep the metal in temperature in the stand by period in the DC cast house, (between the production drop casting sequence), and guarantee a better metal temperature control. The external protective Silicon Carbide sheet, ensure long life use.The liquid metal pass into the different chambers on the communicating submerged channel. Four independent inspection doors, facilitate the cleaning and control operation of the chambers. Automatic control of internal furnace atmosphere, guarantee low eternal admission fresh air, guarantee low oxidation, and keep a protective internal condition, with a better Metal temperature control and set up, with lower energy consumption. For any maintenance necessity, both groups, impeller rotating and electric heater, can remove separately in a short time; also the lid can easily removed. The bottom external doors, facilitate all cleaning internal operation.
Capacity of the vessel, in holding 1700 Kg of liquid Al alloys
Bath max temperature 800 °C
Refractory max temperature 1000 °C
Installed power 40 Kw
Electric connected power 400 V Ac Three-phase
Installed power management  From 0 to 100% with limit of maximum
Weight 6500 Kg
Continued and automatic control of molten aluminium temperature, by thermoregulator with thermocouple in the bath


In-line degasser
In-line degasser
In-line degasser
In-line degasser
In-line degasser


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