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Injection Flux Units


Injection fluxes machines, to introduce refining fluxes into the liquid Al alloys bath


The machine had been developed for the Al alloys metallurgical treatment.
The machine inject metallurgical chemical fluxes below the molten metal line, contained into the furnaces.
The actual available versions are:
DP3, up to 1,5 ÷ 2,0 kg/min of flux feeding rate
DP4 , up to 3,5 ÷ 4,0 kg/min of flux feeding rate
It is produced in two versions, DP3 and DP4, which differ in the maximum range of salts that could be granted; 1.5 Kg / min for the version. Are the same as the dimensions and weight.
The plant DP3/DP4 may be proposed in a large number of variants, surely be able to meet every needs.      The main benefits are:
  • reduced metallurgical treatment time -
  • reduced flux quantity , up 50-60 %, for a correct metallurgical treatment
  • environmental friendly process, completely smoke free
  • proved efficiency of refining effect, cleaning and reduction, of heavy composites and inclusions settled on the internal bottom of the furnace

Flux feeding is regulated with an electrical motor, working under inverter system, allowing to operate in a wide range of flow rates during the 3 phases of the treatment cycle, in which:
  • “time” and “quantity” variables are easily adjusted directly from the touch screen
  • the software accepts to store until N. 10 different cycle program
  • all anomalies are signaled and stored

These performances guarantee high control and complete supervision of the best metallurgical liquid Al alloys treatments proceeding.
- Mobile Devices 
- Structure in stainless steel anti-corrosion
- Removal of hydrogen, alkali and inclusions 
- Low environmental impact, the complete absence of smoke 
- Easy to use: large loading door tank flux container 
- Friendly and intuitive touch screen use
- Robust construction to withstand the cast house demands 
- Reduce maintenance necessities
- Injection fluxes true an inert carrier gas
- Operatively also with only inert gas injection
- Programmable PLC
- Programmable Flow from 10 to 100%
- Time programmable up to 45 min
- Planning of treatment in 5 stages
- Ability to store up to 10 treatments
- Pressurized tank of about 50 lt
- Rubber hose reinforced wear
- Steel lance, diameter 3/4” (DP3) or 1” (DP4)
- Alarm for gas leaks
- Minimum tank level indicator
- Storing all the alarms of the day
- 220 V standard connection
- Inlet pressure inert gas between 6 and 10 bar
- Empty weight: ~240 Kg


Injection Flux Units
Injection Flux Units
Injection Flux Units
Injection Flux Units
Injection Flux Units


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