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Automatic degassing plant



This machine was created for foundries that do not have the need for change in the league, but they have in any case the necessity to remove dissolved gases and other impurities by degassing of a classic with inert gas. There's therefore no devices for the introduction of substances in the melt. The machine uses a sink (lances and special rotor) which rotates at high speed evenly injects inert gas in the melt. The high efficiency of removal of pollutants and unwanted particles such as dissolved gases H2, intermetallic segregations, mixed oxides of Al2O3 and SiO2, SiC, is due to the extremely small size of the bubble of gas used.
It comes in two trim levels: AD and standard AD that differ for the optional accessories and installed plant.


The plant is realized for heavy use in foundry: both of electric and pneumatic plants are closed in a dedicated hermetical and metallic cupboard, to preserve components from aggressive environment present in foundry, in the best way, above the ladle. All the flexible tubes used in the plant are provided with inox steel to avoid being damaged by some spots of molten metal.
Also the mechanic part is closed inside a carter for safety and for protecting from external elements. All the mechanic parts are zinced for further protection against corrosion.
All the inferior part of plant is full by 100 mm of insulator, to isolate mechanic and engineering parts from heat, it realizes a half closing when the plant is set down on ladle or furnace.


Suitable for all aluminum alloys and other. 
Treatment capacity: ladles or furnaces up to 3000 kg capacity.


AD Standard

Basic version, is characterized by the simplified programming of the cycle, limiting the setting of the three times and the speed of rotation of the lance.

Optional available:
  • Manual hydraulic pump for lifting emergency


This version allows full management of the operating parameters of the machine by a keypad and display on the control panel. The parameters (speed and time) are stored for different configurations of treatment within the work programs. The control panel also displays any alarms and the progress of the treatment cycle. It's also equipped with a safety device that interrupts the cycle treatment of the machine in case of low pressure of inert gas.

Optional available:
  • Manual hydraulic pump for lifting emergency
  • Printer for issuing reports end-evolved with the operator panel

Mechanic Characteristics
Plate vertical stroke 1366 mm
Plate vertical speed 4,50 (mt./min.)
Lance speed rotation 100-700 rpm
Plate diameter 1000 mm
Dimensions and Weight
(Enclosed safety net)
2190 mm
(Enclosed safety net)
2530 mm
(Down position)
2130 mm
Machine weight 2000 Kg
Electric characteristics
Max absorbed power 3 Kw
Voltage 400 V+N
Frequency 50 Hz
Console voltage 220/110 AC
Current 7 A
Automatic degassing plant
Automatic degassing plant
Automatic degassing plant
Automatic degassing plant


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